Welcome to - Rother Valley Riders MTB Club

A grassroots club for all abilities

The Rother Valley Riders club has been in existence for around 5 years and over this time has achieved so much with very little financial support. The club has evolved from members who’s main aim was to sculpt trails in the park and ride. This building has been sanctioned by the park managers. The park is an ideal spot for leisure cycling and the outlying trails situated in the surrounding woods are ideal for newer riders. This is a perfect pathway for progression for riders who want to progress their MTB riding.

The club offers organised rides and events for members to join in on. These rides range from family rides round the park to rides taking in classic Peak District loops. Progression is one of the founding principles of the club and this extends to trail building too. There is a strong volunteer base and it is this base that forms a core of diggers to maintain and develop the trails around the park. The club has had donations of stones and other materials to put into the trails and this work continues.

Currently Improvements on a Downhill line and a children’s bike track. The club is looking into seeking funding from Vieloa Landfill Fund and other sources. If successful a portion of this funding would be put towards ensuring the trails are more sustainable and weather proof. The club is currently trying to secure seed funding for the bid.

The future

Big Plans

18 months ago it was announced that Gullivers Theme Parks were looking to build a resort using some of the land that lies behind Rother Valley. Some of the existing trails are affected in the initial plans. Rather than play the defensive card the planning committee seized the opportunity to discuss with the Gullivers consultation team the potential of incorporating cycling into the developments. Provision was already in the Gullivers plans, the committee went in with the approach of offering knowledge and experience as cyclists and have suggested incorporating a closed road circuit as well as a pump track. This has great cross promotion opportunities for Gullivers and also is a good opportunity to get people cycling on the trails already in rother Valley.

More Trails, More Smiles, More Members, Keep growing

Looking at the Annual report from last year it is evident that MTB events are under represented. Rother Valley is a fantastic venue suitable for a number of MTB racing formats, we would like to get the wheels rolling with BC to see what can be done to make Rother Valley a destination venue for MTB and help the club develop a retention and growth strategy