RVR Trailbuilding - At Rother Valley

A developing relationship

Way back in 2011, Nick Howarth, an employee at Rother Valley Country Park managed to convince the park manager to let him build some purpose built mountain bike trails within the park. He was offered some of the woodlands that had a low footfall, the forgotten places where there were no paths and the foliage was so dense that not even the most hardy walker or rambler could get in.

Within one hour of permission being given, trees started falling and the first trail, The Jump Track was born. After weeks of toil and hard graft the trail was finally ridable and tyre marks started to appear in abundanceā€¦ other riders had found the trail, riders like Nick!

Further permission was granted for trail in a further strip of woodland which bordered the gravel climb and a second descent, Diggers Downhill was the result.

For a long while, Nick worked alone, despite the amount of time it was taking but finally realised that one man couldn’t fulfil this vision alone. So he posted up details of the first ever dig day, and Rother Valley Riders was born. Through these dig days Nick met and worked with Mick Edwards, Anthony Croft and many more who would become long time supporters of RVR.

In the last five years, Rother Valley Riders have developed miles and miles of purpose built trails at Rother Valley with the full support of Rother Valley Country Park and Rotherham Borough Council. In addition to the Jump Track and Diggers, RVR were given a wooded area, Buzzard Wood to develop more trails. Buzzard Banger was cut in 2014 and was joined by our dedicated black downhill trail Fort Elbow, which fully opened in 2016

What does the future hold?

RVR have more huge plans, including extending the blue route and weatherproofing our existing trail network to provide an series of all weather trails that can be used all year round. We have been lucky to obtain limited funding and generous donations from our members to pay for the all important raw materials to weatherproof the trails. We have the materials but we always need willing hands to help with the all important task of getting it out and onto the trails.

If you are part of the official British cycling RVR club…. then you are part of this. You are part of the trails. You are part of the scene. THANK YOU!!!!!